hagi に投稿






Dear Takayuki HAGIHARA
A positive decision regarding your application number XXXXXXX280 was made on 2023-08-09. Your Estonian personal identification code is XXXXXXXX134.
Your e-Residency starter kit, which contains your digital ID card and USB card reader, will now be printed and sent to the pick-up location you chose in your application: Tallinn service point (A. H. Tammsaare road 47). Please note that your document is not ready to be picked up yet. It can take up to 2-5 weeks for the document to reach the pick-up location. You will be contacted when your document is ready for collecting. If 6 weeks have passed and you haven’t received a notification to collect your document, please contact the pick-up location you have selected to collect your document from: Estonian embassy or collection center or Estonian service offices. Find more information about collecting your document (including instructions for changing the pick-up location) here: https://www.politsei.ee/en/instructions/e-resident-s-digital-id/pick-up .
You will then have 6 months to collect your digital ID card, after which the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board has the right to destroy it if it is uncollected.
Please note that when collecting your document you need to submit a valid travel document issued by a foreign state.
Your account in the application environment is valid until 2024-08-07. If you need to submit a new application before the account is automatically deleted (e.g., you failed to collect your document and it was destroyed), please see the FAQ for information on how to proceed.

Estonian Police and Border Guard Board & Estonian e-Residency Program team